Haslemere, with only a modest population of about 15,000, is extremely fortunate to possess such a building as Haslemere Hall. A building that is over 100 years of age is constantly requiring attention in the form of repairs and renewals. Improvements and modernisation work are undertaken as funds permit. Covid caused a dramatic and in many cases, total loss of income for performers and venues. The Haslemere Hens Preview Launch is going to redress that balance as best they can by ensuring that every penny of ticket sales will be going to Haslemere Hall.

The Haslemere Hens are coming to squawk and lend their cocky nature to the town. They are bringing Elsa Jean McTaggart and Gary Lister along for the ride! More than ever venues like Haslemere Hall and the people who put time and money into keeping these places live and relevant need your support. Covid has kept us locked down for so long, let’s make sure it is not permanent. Elsa and Gary did a wonderful job on Facebook Watch, keeping us entertained and honing their craft, but now it is time to get out and see them live. It will mean so much to Elsa and Gary if you can attend the charity event.

If you cannot get to Halsmere Hall support your local venue and artists now less we lose them forever.

Thanks to the generous support of Redh, every penny of the £15 ticket price will go to raise much needed funds for Haslemere Hall. Tickets available Haslemere Hall Box Office www.haslemerehall.co.uk.

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