Elsa Jean McTaggart with Hebridean Fire

Elsa Jean McTaggart returns with Hebridean Fire. These multi-instrumentalists from the Isle of Lewis take you on an eclectic musical journey through the Islands and Highlands of Scotland past and present. From soulful laments to high energy, beautifully arranged sets of jigs, reels, and traditional (also Gaelic) and original songs with plenty of laughter, joy and warmth. Elsa’s younger sister Irenie has a voice you will never forget for its purity and ethereal quality and Mr Lister is the foundational glue that holds everything together.


A very serious item of clothing worthy of a song and dance, ‘Ode To The Boilersuit’ has taken hours of fun and laughter and hardcore nonsense and choreography by the BS team. Inspired by one of eight McTaggart sisters, another and a mother to bring it to our attention, then a third to act as second boiler suit in the first performance all resulting in a fourth to write a poem which became the song and dance that it is today! Made possible by Mr Lister…just because .. May it brighten up your day! Recorded at Wee Studio.



Hebridean Fire the Album

Hebridean Fire – Album 15 tracks

  • 1 Uist Tramping Song
  • 2 Tune Promised
  • 3 Kenny Gillies
  • 4 Peat Fire Flame
  • 5 Hen’s March to the Midden/Carnival
  • 6 Brochan Lom/Donal Dubh
  • 7 Skye Boat Song/Arran Boat Song
  • 8 Owen’s Fancy/Hostess with the Mostess/Kirkcaldian Links
  • 9 Phantom Fiddler
  • 10 Ged a Sheol
  • 11 Lig Osna
  • 12 Crossing the Minch/Wilafjord/Hop the Bog
  • 13 Amazing Grace
  • 14 Ode to the Boiler Suit/Looking for a Partner
  • 15 Ghillie Callum/Glasgow Reel/Riverdance/Masons Apron

Gary: Piano, Accordion Synth, Bass and Stomp.
Irenie: Guitar, Mandolin, Melodeon, Vocals and Bones.
Elsa: Guitar, Mandolin, Melodeon, Fiddle, Whistle, Vocals and Bodhran.


Elsa Jean McTaggart: Hebridean Fire at the Space @ Surgeons Hall – Theatre 1 is a new musical project from Elsa Jean McTaggart, Mr Lister, Miss Irenie Rose (Elsa’s sister), and today, extra vocals from Jim Archibald.

How best to describe the show?  Well, an informal musical gathering with friends and family…the sort of gathering that is so traditional, and so essential to traditional music.  There is a genuine warmth to “Hebridean Fire” as the show weaves in and out of original songs by Elsa and traditional songs and music.

With Elsa playing fiddle, penny whistle and guitar, Irenie Rose on guitar and melodian, and Mr Lister playing accordion, there is that feeling as all three sing too of dropping into a traditional pub with live music playing, and it is this mixture of good music, good humour and a friendly atmosphere that the audience obviously took to their hearts for this show.

There is a little of everything mixed into this performance, reels, jigs, waulking songs, fishing songs and a few surprises along the way.

Review by Tom King
Southside Advertiser Edinburgh

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