What a year! 2017

Looking Back 2017

I suppose its time to look back over 2017 and be grateful for all our achievements, they may not seem very great but to us they are all steps in the right direction.
We finally are covering our costs and even making a living this year!! Woohoo!! big step!
We launched the ‘Eva Cassidy The Story’ at the Ed Fringe to 4 and 5* reviews. We received 5* reviews for both our other shows and had many sell outs for my original music show, sings, strings and other things.
We have played in new countries, places and venues and look forward to returning. We have booked up for 2018 before the end of 2017 which leaves us a little more time for knocking on new doors for the future and can look a little closer at where we WANT to be doing rather than just what pays the bills…and trust me I have soo many ideas!!.
We have managed to start the process of buying our first home! A stone cottage near family on the Isle of Lewis with much work needing done! and also replacing our old van for a new one which will give fresh wheels to the many miles we cover!
But what we cannot put value on is the lifestyle we have, one of adventure, travels, new experiences and challenges. A life where every day is an adventure into the unknown and our own issues are the only thing holding us back.
A life which evolves around the people we meet and who support us on our way. With God at the helm.. we look forward to whats in store for 2018.
Thanks to Mr Listers amazing energy and organisational skills our dates are already up on the website for the year ahead and involve a lot of work in the theatres with the Eva Cassidy show.
We really hope you will get along to hear us somewhere whether its my ORIGINAL MUSIC, the MERCENARY FIDDLER cover band our Scottish band ‘THE HEBRIDEANS’, or the EVA CASSIDY ‘The Story’ …..Also we are delighted to announce Miss Irenie Rose will be joining us more and more in the future ;D and Matthew Squire will also be joining us again where possible. Jim Archibald has been supporting us from Day 1 and continues to join us and grace audiences with his great voice and songs. and I also have a sneaky suspicion we will see more of my mother on the spoons and there are certainly hopes that my eldest brother Malcolm will be making guest appearances in the future with 5 string banjo, cello and bouzouki to name just a few of his instruments….Keep your eyes and ears open!
We can’t forget the Conchi Sisters who we really hope will join us again in the future with their incredible irish dancing but also scottish fiddle playing and now drums!!
2018 is looking immensely exciting!!