Keeping fit on Tour?!

Leaving Arguineguin, Gran Canaria, photo by E.J.McT

Tour 2017 Begins!..touring and keeping fit?!

Turned 40 in January this year…. big landmark! ..and a point at which it might be wise to start getting fit and keeping fit as the alternative is not too pretty!
Just after my birthday I dreamt I was in a careers office and the man said to me ‘Run.. your fast’ !! ..kind of random!
I have been jogging on and off for the last year or so .. but that dream helped flip my mindset to realizing I enjoy it! Thanks to Kerrie for keeping me in the loop.. I ran a 5km race on 6th March but it wasn’t a proper challenge as my regular jogs were longer (I realized after) However I ran a 10km on 9th April… this was a challenge and quite a nice distance which I can definitely work on…

Keeping Fit on Tour

Keeping Fit on Tour


Now to motivate myself I have entered the G.C marathon (42km) in Jan 2018! Any takers? 😉 My main challenge is finding a way to keep fit and healthy whilst touring full time…not having a set routine makes it difficult and running seems to be the only obvious option!

Its going to be a lot of fun running in all the different countries and areas we will be gigging in: Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Holland, Denmark and Norway This year!…

Our Tour starts a week today (April 19th 2017) in the North of England..Preston Area. Dates are up for the year! Check them out ..we might be playing on your doorstep! 

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