West Coast of Norway

Finnoy, West coast Island of Norway  What weather we are having! we had a very busy weekend, and have spent the week meeting friends and doing a bit of sight-seeing, and learning new material for a wedding that has cropped up as a result of our gigs at the weekend. Happy Days!! The temperatures are due to fall again 🙁 but hey ho! maybe too much sun isn’t good for you 😉 and so another three gigs to go this weekend before we head on out of town on Monday to pastures green! …photos to follow 🙂 have a great week folks, from myself and Mr Lister <3 hopefully coming to a place near you sometime! …keep checking the dates http://music-info.elsa-jean-mctaggart.com/Home/calendar/

collage_fotorfinnoy2Piren Pub, Stavanger Brusand Beaches, west coast NorwayCheers