Scotland, Wales and Now Norway!

Hello again! Here we are in Norway! We Drove to Wales on Saturday and played in Aberystwyth part of the ‘Lazin on a Sunday’ sessions at the Castle Hotel Bar. It was a blast! not to many folk but the ones that were there made up for it!!


Then we headed to Dover through the night, taking turns at the driving, caught the ferry to Dunkirk and up the west coast through France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Finally Denmark where we caught up with friends for a night before Catching the Ferry to Norway from Hirtshals.

The weather has been beautiful, warm and sunny, I love Autumn in the sunshine. so here we are! for the next couple of weeks! The Mercenary Fiddler Duo is the name of our Cover band, and we just try to create a bit of a party wherever we go! People dance, sing and clap along to a little bit of everything from Scottish/Irish Folk, Country, Rockn’Roll, Pop, Rock and of course my original songs and tunes.

The area of Sandnes is Beautiful, and there are greats Parks and outside gym areas, so Today I was able to get up early and get out for a wee run in the sunshine. Happy Days!

Work starts tonight!