The Madness that is the Edinburgh Fringe!

Well thanks to everyone that has come along and supported us so far at the Edinburgh Fringe! What a year we have had so far! and still a week to go…. We started our first weekend by breaking our record of bums on seats over the last 5 appearances at the Fringe, at our evening ‘Lassie Will Ye Go’ Show, …each year it builds 🙂 A Definate Highlight this year was My Mother joining me on the spoons! 😀Mummy on the Spoons

Our morning gig of ‘Sings, Strings and other Things’ has brought us 2 sell-out shows to date, though for the final week we are in the beautiful ‘Symposium Hall’ Venue, which has a rather larger capacity!!

We are really enjoying both gigs as they are totally different, the morning gig being a variety of instruments and styles with our all original music, songs and stories and the evening ‘Scottish Folk/ Celtic Show’ bringing, traditional culture and historic heritage forward into the 21st century and fusing it with original composition and music style.

Thanks to Matthew Squire and Jim archibald, the Dream Team, we have been able to really enjoy the fringe experience this year, and are already planning our comeback next year! hope to see you all back again!! Can’t let you go with out a couple of ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ Pics 😀