Summer touring done! Now to the Fringe!

Well Summer has been and gone in a flash!!We have travelled far and wide, Denmark, the Orkneys, Outer Hebrides, Inner Hebrides, Small Isles, Ireland and All over mainland Scotland. And now to buckle down for the full Run of the Edinburgh Fringe. We have had Sunshine …Sunsets…and Storms!

!Harris Beach June2016 Sunset Fire over Ullapool June2016Stroms over the sound Mull July 2016    Gary and Elsa 2016

The Scottish Show has been going down a treat and we now have it honed down and practised up to bring it to the Fringe Festival, now to decide what to wear!! We have our dream team with us again, Jim Archibald and Matthew Squire, and we might have a new volunteer with us this year, a lady from Edinburgh who attended one of our concerts is keen to get involved! woohoo! We LOVE any help we can get!! Hope you have all had a great Summer and look forward to seeing you somewhere!!…Edinburgh?! 😀 Elsa n Mr lister xx